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This image depicts a woman and a man holding up the sign they have made for strikes. During these 10 days of revolution, people were striking consistantly and constantly. It was sometimes spontaneous and sometimes planned, but every day following…

This image depicts a man who is kneeling in front of the hastily constructed shrine on November 17th. It's almost odd that this event became as celebrated as it was, considering the fact that there were no actual deaths, just injuries. Regardless,…

The Charter was established following the trial of the Plastic Peoples of the Universe and the implementation of the Helsinki Final Act. These core members were inspired by the desire for human rights, with Havel on the top left and Patocka on the…

The members of the Civic Forum were largely composed of the same activists who'd participated in Charter 77. Their headquarters became the Magick Lantern Theatre, where they met to discuss the revolution with the public.

This image shows a man holding up a bloody Czech flag following the violence of 1968. In the background, a Soviet tank stands with soldiers casually sitting on top.

These men and women were protesting during the General Strike on November 27th. There is a certain sense of connected-ness here, as they are all holding hands, smiling, and appear to be euphoric in their actions. After many years, they found the…

Vaclav Havel in shown here waving to the crowds down below in Wenceslas Square. He appears to be excited and jubilant, like many of the people were during this two hour General Strike. After so many years of living in silence, people were simply…

Human chains like this one were made as people came together during the Revolution. This particular chain was meant as protest against keeping political prisoners, and stretched between cities.

This document was published as the Charter 77 on January 1st, 1977. The members who published it were arrested only a few days later, and dealt with consistent jail time over the next ten years.

It reads "When does the investigation have to be completed? Next week? This week? Tomorrow? Today?" Over time, the images are laughing harder and harder, as if making fun of those calling for an investigation into the use of violence.
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