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(D) General Strike November 27th, 1989


The General Strike occuring on November 27th is one of the most documented revolutions. Vaclav Havel especially is shown in these images, along with the efforts of thousands of people who finally come together in unity in order to retake their government and change the country. 

Many of these images show the efforts of people as they try to overcome their fear and take action. The General Strike in Wenceslas Square occured for a total of two hours, yet it symbolically brought down the communist system. 

It's important to note however that the government did not fall right away, and the Civic Forum that organized the strike was not trying to destroy them completely. They mainly wanted to rework the government with the help of the communists. 

Workers who participated also made up the hours taken up by the strike by working two hours longer later on, hoping to avoid an economic collapse like in Poland. 

Some people after the strike were unsure of what they were doing next, but the feeling of unity and strength was the epitome of what the Velvet Revolution was all about. 

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