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The End of the Prague Spring

End of the Prague Spring

The man pictured here is holding up a bloody Czech flag to the Soviet soldiers sitting atop a tank. 

As the Prague Spring drew to a close, people were too frightened by the violence that had occured to act for the next twenty years. This image is the perfect representation of that fear, explaining why people refused to act following 1968. 

The bloody flag displays the violence that occured as tanks shot out randomly into crowds. As many as 150-400 people died as a part of the Prague Spring, catapulting Czechoslovakia into the "Era of Forgetting." People no longer wanted to remember images like this bloody flag, and more than anything wanted to forget about the tanks and the soldiers looming around. 

Images like this may have been ignored by the older generation, but they were used to inspire the younger generation in 1989. Students did not experience the Prague Spring, so images like this empowered them and moved them to action, rather than making them fearful. 

The End of the Prague Spring