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Asking for Truth

Yelling For Freedom

The man here is yelling at the tanks in front of him, apparently daring the Soviets to shoot him. 

The image here shows a man standing in front of one of the invading tanks. He has opened his shirt as if he is asking for the violent clash of metal on skin that the tank bearing down on him promises. This man appears to be yelling, raging against the Soviet tanks that have invaded his city and pleading with the tank in front of him to recognize him as a human being. If he were considered a human, he could not be killed like a dog. People stand around in the background, corralled by the tanks as though they were animals kept under watch. The cold metal of the tank seems entirely uncaring.

This specific image emphasizes the will of the people, and the residual effects of the Prague Spring. They acted without violence and with dialogue just as they did in 1989, but unfortunately, 1968 ended in bloodshed. 

Tanks Invade Prague

The Soviet tanks invade Prague in 1968, but people still gathered in the streets, not yet afraid. 

Tanks invaded Prague during the Prague Spring, but in the early stages, people did not yet possess the fear they would soon have by the end. They gathered out into the streets in crowds, surrouding the tanks and shouting for their freedoms and rights. 

Unfortunately for them, they were shot at randomly as the Soviets dispersed them. As many as 100 were killed while around 400 were injured, which inspired the fear that kept revolution at bay for twenty long years.