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November 17th

Investigation of November 17th

It reads "When does the investigation have to be completed? Next week? This week? Tomorrow? Today?" 

Political cartoons such as this one were meant to make fun of the idea that the government would actually investigate November 17th. After the "massacre" that occured on this day, there were calls for an investigation into the excessive use of violence. The Civic Forum even asked for an investigation themselves. 

This cartoon however shows people laughing increasingly hard as they make suggestions for this investigation. As the date of the supposed investigation draws closer, they only begin to laugh harder. 

It can be interpreted in two ways. The people may be the government, who are laughing and making fun of the fact that people actually believe that November 17th will be investigated. As the date draws nearer, the joke becomes funnier, since it's assumed no investigation will ever occur. 

Those people may also represent the regular citizens, who understand that there will never be an investigation, and are laughing at the claims of the government. As the government continually promises an investigation, the joke only gets funnier since people know it will never happen. 

Nonviolent Protest

A woman is kneeling down in front of a line of riot police, silently protesting in peace. 

The woman here is the epitome of the concept of nonviolence. She has knelt down in order to pay her respects to those on November 17th, setting up candles right in front of an imposing line of riot police. The candles she's placed illuminate her like an angel as she kneels down, as though she is offering herself to the mercy of the men in front of her. It's clear that she doesn't plan on fighting back, but is instead accepting of whatever fate awaits her. 

People like this are the strength of the Velvet Revolution. They acted peacefully and without violence despite all that was being done to them. Even though there was a line of riot police, they did nothing but sit quietly. 

This woman specifically has a strong silence about her, with her actions speaking more than any words ever could. Many people sat down in front of riot police like her, since after November 17th, the government kept the police at strikes and protests, but didn't display any further violent action. 

The people wouldn't have known this however, speaking to the strength it must have took for this woman to put herself at the mercy of the police.