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News of the Revolution

Svobodne Slovo Newspaper from 1990

This specific issue of the Svobodne Slovo was not used specifically in the revolution, but it stands as a symbols of a truthful news source during those days in November. 

The Svobodne Slovo newspaper was previously only used by the socialists, but soon everyone in Czechoslovakia was clammoring for a copy. This newspaper was the only way people could find the "truth" in a time when the communists had control over all other media outlets. 

Immediately following the November 17th Massacre, news outlets under communist control reported that students were at fault and the riot police were simply trying to restore order. Newspapers like Rude Pravo said that the government only took action when people went into unauthorized areas that could have endangered the public. 

Svobodne Slovo was very critical of the violence however. Eda Kriseova even wrote Vaclav Havel's first truthful biography in that paper on November 25th. This was the first time Havel was introduced truthfully to the public. 

News of the Revolution