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Human Chains

General Strike: November 27th 1989

People gather at the Narodni Trida for the General Strike. 

These people gathered together as part of a human chain during the General Strike. The woman in front appears especially happy, as do the people around her. Everyone looks happy and are smiling, holding up signs and generally shouting for their own truth. 

Chains like this one were established to show solidarity between the people as they gathered together in unity and happiness. After 20 years of being forced into silence and forgetfulness, they could finally speak their minds for truth. 

Human Chains

This was part of the human chain in Brno to Petr Cibulka's prison on November 26th, 1989, meant to protest his imprisonment. 

This specific human chain was meant to protest the imprisonment of a political prisoner, but chains like this one were very common before and after the revolution. They were meant to show the solidarity between people as they gathered together in a show of unity. 

The people appear to be smiling and happy even as they stand in the snow, glad to be doing something to appear in public and speak aloud.