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Documentation of the Charter

Image of the Charter

An image of the first page of the Charter. 

This image of the front page of the Charter represents the struggle of Charter 77 and their efforts to find freedom and truth. The Charter was published on January 1st, 1977 and the main members were arrested only a few days later. 

People were held in intense police interrogations, and Jan Patocka died after 11 hours during an investigation. His death went on to inspired the remaining Charter members. 

The rest of the members were arrested on and off and questioned until 1979 when six main members were arrested and sent to jail. They remained in jail from two to five years. 

Their families were harrassed during this time, and a group of them were even left in the middle of nowhere by the police, where they had to walk 10 miles just to find a rail station. 

Rather than discourage the public and remaining Charter members though, people were inspired by the consistent harrassment to act later. Despite this inspiration, the years after the Charter were fairly quiet. It took time for this document and the treatment of its members to inspire future action on a large scale.